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What is The Advanced Creative Writing Course from Blackwater Writing?
Will there be any poetry or life-writing on the course?
Why did you name your company Blackwater Writing?
What are the course rules? Is there a code of conduct?
I’m nervous about signing up for a course that isn’t through a usual third-level institution. What should I do?
Can I get a full refund if the course is not for me?
Paying the full fees for the course:
What technical requirements do I need to have in order to join the course?
What streaming platform do you use to host the workshops, seminars and masterclasses?
I have not received the access link to join the workshop. What should I do?
I don’t want to set up a Zoom account or download the app. Can I still sign up to the course?
What if I can’t make all of the seminars or masterclasses?
I don’t live in Europe or on the East Coast of the USA/Canada. Is there any way I can attend the course?