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Welcome to Blackwater Writing, home to The Advanced Creative Writing Course. Helping emerging writers achieve excellence and publication.

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The Advanced Creative Writing Course

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Includes the Masters in Creative Writing fiction modules, as taught in University College Dublin and for the University of Iowa.

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Facilitated by someone with a decade’s experience working in the publishing industry, most recently for Penguin Random House.

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All of the seminars are LIVE with no more than ten students on any course.

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The program includes two LIVE masterclasses with a senior editor for a major publishing house and a literary agent with an international profile.

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This course is a fantastic alternative to a Masters in Creative Writing.

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Over the two months, you’ll gain insights on writing and the publishing industry that would take you YEARS to figure out otherwise.

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Joan Morrissey

Jamie’s insight, advice and guidance on my work  has been most helpful. He didn’t shy away from being critical but his criticism was always constructive. His editing of the writing that I submitted to him was meticulous. Above all, Jamie has given me the confidence and self-belief to continue with my project.

Fiona Ennis

I recently attended Jamie’s ‘How to write engaging dialogue’ workshop and it was excellent. The advice he imparted was really insightful. I’d highly recommend his workshops to anyone with an interest in developing her skills in the craft of writing.

Kelly Hamilton

Sharing your writing can be daunting but I found Jamie to be very professional and easy to work with.  He offered clarity around evolving my work and practical advice how to proceed in the industry.  His experience and knowledge of the teaching and publishing world were very evident and presented in a way that made me excited for the next stage of my journey.

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Why I Created Blackwater Writing

In 2004, I felt like a failure. My submissions were getting rejected by editors, but I had no idea what I was doing wrong...

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What is The Advanced Creative Writing Course from Blackwater Writing?
Will there be any poetry or life-writing on the course?
Why did you name your company Blackwater Writing?
What are the course rules? Is there a code of conduct?
I’m nervous about signing up for a course that isn’t through a usual third-level institution. What should I do?
Can I get a full refund if the course is not for me?

Want to say goodbye to...

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Rejections from agents
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Not ranking in short story competitions
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Feeling isolated while you write
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Confusion about your writing career
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Unpublished manuscripts
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